Grim Gritty Graphic

Grim, Gritty, Graphic is a fictitious exhibition proposed at the Honolulu Museum of Art, showcasing Frank Miller’s stories and drawings from his graphic novels. Known for blending film noir and manga into his own style created a bold, broad and flamboyant visual identity.

Film noir aesthetics creates a visual identity for the invitations and event materials including: an rsvp card, save the date card, badges for exhibition attendees, zine about Frank Miller and his accomplishments, and folding invitation that doubled as the mailing envelope for the event.

Playing with the idea of comic strips,the audience unfolds the mailer into the invitation, allowing moments of illustration and typography to form the impression of reading comics in a magazine.


Frank Miller is a writer, artist, and film director best known for his serious, dark graphic novels. He is well known for his graphic novels: 300, Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, Batman Year One, The Dark Night Returns, and Sin City (all comics sourced for Grim, Gritty, Graphic). In 2015, he was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame for his creative achievements in American comic books.


Invitation: 5″ x 10″ folded.

10″ x 16″ unfolded.

RSVP: 4″ x 6″

Save the Date: 4″ x 6″

Zine: 5″ x 11″

Badges: 4″ x 8″


Student project attending the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. April 2015 – UHM Art 469