Lava Lava Beach Club

Entertainment Calendars


Lava Lava Beach Club is a local beachfront restaurant established in 2011 at Anaeho’omalu Bay of the Island of Hawai’i. They accentuate guest experiences of delicious food and gorgeous views of sunsets with live entertainment every night. Their new manager taking over musician bookings reached out for a visually appealing and easily editable calendar that fit within their current visual identity.

Solution and Result

To balance an easily editable but visually attractive calendar required to migrate from their old excel format to an editable pdf file, allowing for artistic and graphic elements to be incorporated. For 2021-22, earth tones accentuated their current identity color scheme of yellow and blue found in their combination mark; offering a friendly, inviting, and contemporary feel. Floral patterns adhere to their tropical and local roots of being a business on the Big Island, using common vegetation like Monstera leaves and Hibiscus flowers. For the 2022-23 version, I played with the color schemes that contrasted with the Lava Lava yellow found in their main logo and fine tuned details within the calendar playing with the motif of the canoe paddle within the grid.

A visually grabbing but easily editable entertainment calendar for Lava Lava to proudly display and showcase their entertainment lineups for guests looking to enjoy their stay at Lava Lava Beach Club.


Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat DC

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″


Free lance client work. August 2021-22, September 2022-23.